Thursday, April 14, 2011

About Joseph Skues

     I am 68 years old.  Retired from driving Big Rig Semi Tractors all across the USA.  I live in Michigan Northeast of Detroit on Lake St. Clair where the Clinton River empties into Lake St Clair.  We have lots of Fish, and Seagulls, and Trees, and Squirrels, and Boats from Mini Kayaks to Yachts, and Airplanes big and small, which are stationed a mile north at Selfridge Air National Guard base where I enlisted 45 years ago..
     My favorite sport is bicycling through the woods along the river on a nice asphalt path.
My children and grandchildren live nearby, and in Texas too.
     This is my second springtime living in one home  and not traveling.  And Springtime is time to prepare the garden.  This year my plan is to have Beefsteak Tomatos, Green Peppers, and Kale.  Yesterday my neighbor suggested I put the Tomato and Kale seeds between two heavy, wet paper towels.  Then insert the rooted seeds into mini planters.
     Well I want to tell you that it looks like I'll have fifty or more mini planters of Kale and Beefsteak Tomatoes.  I'm getting the word out to expect to have Beefsteak Tomatoes for all the friends and relatives.
                                                                                                             Joseph Skues

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